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Benefits of Electric Vehicles in India

Know all the long-term benefits of electric vehicles.

Since India has launched the Go Electric campaign in early 2021, the adoption of electric vehicles and electric kitchen appliances will rise significantly.

Talking specifically about electric vehicles, the adoption rate can be even higher if the Indian public is made aware of the long-term benefits of electric vehicles.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles in India

While the initial cost may be high, benefits are seriously considerable.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

More efficient

Compared to the IC (Internal Combustion) engines, EVs are 3-5 more efficient in energy utilization.

If the vehicle utilizes energy generated from renewable sources then it’s super-efficient, but even if it uses electricity from fossil fuels, the overall efficiency is much better.

Better performance

Let’s say you are trying to get to the top of a slopy road, electric vehicles will offer much better performance than IC engine vehicles.

Why? Because electric vehicles offer high torque at low speeds and that’s why they also offer better performance while starting off or on a slope.

Less pollution

In India, most of the electricity is still being generated by using fossil fuels.

But running an electric vehicle on electricity generated from fossil fuels is still better than IC engine vehicles because pollution from power plants is easier to control than that of IC engines.

The air quality in many tier-1 Indian cities is becoming worse, and EV adoption can certainly provide some relief.

Saves energy

By using the regenerative braking technique, approx. 30%-70% of the energy can be recovered.

While driving around the city, you need to apply brakes multiple times, and the kinetic energy of the vehicle is converted into thermal energy which is of no use.

regenerative braking

But regenerative braking is a system that converts the kinetic energy of the vehicle into some other forms of useful energy. And, that can be used immediately or stored for later use.

In electric vehicles, regenerative braking converts the kinetic energy of the vehicle to electrical energy and stores it in the battery for later use.

No noise pollution

Vehicles with IC engines do make a lot of noise and many Indian cities are suffering from this already.

And, the adoption of electric vehicles will considerably bring down the noise pollution levels.

Almost zero maintenance

Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts as compared to traditional vehicles.

And, that’s why EVs need no or very little maintenance.

New jobs

The EV sector in India is developing very fast and it’s aiming to provide more than 10 million jobs in the near future.

The Indian government plans to achieve the target of 30% e-mobility in the country and that will definitely create new employment opportunities.

Wrapping it up

Yes, the EV sector in India is still developing but the future looks bright if certain challenges are overcome.

Features like smart charging can balance the demand-supply variations in the electricity grid.

That’s it, these were the benefits of electric vehicles in India.

Any other benefits that you want to add? Feel free to let know by dropping a quick comment, right now.

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